Innovation in Location Technology

Our Glossary is meant to be a high level overview of how On-Board brings GPS tracking information and reports to your computer. On-Board has leveraged existing technology (GPS & the Public Networks) with its own technology to bring the multiple GPS solutions to your desktop. By using GPS & the Public Networks we are able to provide national communications coverage without a substantial network investment. The net result brings you cutting edge solutions at extremely good pricing.

GPS — GPS satellite technology pinpoints the location of the vehicles. GPS enables On-Board communications to “lock on” and receive satellites signals with our satellite receiver. Using this technology, our mobile unit, always knows where your vehicle is. The GPS system is a military system that is made available for commercial and private use by the US Air Force.

Network — GPS Satellite and other data is communicated via the GPRS digital Cellular Network.

Product — The magic happens when the data is collected and transmitted by our Products. Each of our Products contains patented proprietary software and firmware that enables On-Board to offer such a wide variety of mobile GPS solutions.

Server — Your data, then travels at lightning speed to our fully redundant network operations Center, where it is stored for your use for a full-year.

Web — Your data is available with password protection from any web enabled computer. There is no special software or hardware that you need to install on your system. A quick glance at On-Board Communications 2007 Web Application User Guide will show just how easy the system will be for you to use.

Safe Area — You can set a distance varying from 5 to 100 miles which will describe the size of the square area where you expect your vehicle to be located. Should the vehicle leave this area, you will be notified via email. Also, your vehicle’s location map will reflect a special icon if your vehicle is outside the Safe Area boundary. This feature is set up on your SafetyTraks webpage.

GPS Location — You may select a variety of timed reports which will report the current location of your vehicle or a history of its locations for the past several days. The unit can report on time intervals of 15 minutes to once per month. You can access Mapping on your SafetyTraks webpage and see street level location information on your vehicle.

Stolen Mode — If you suspect that your vehicle has been stolen, you can place the vehicle in Stolen Mode which causes SafetyTraks to report the vehicle's location every five minutes. You can then call SafetyTraks toll free number or log into the SafetyTraks website to obtain location information and then notify the police exactly where your vehicle is currently.

Most will agree that a teen would drive better if the parent could ride with them. While that is not possible, SafetyTraks is.
SafetyTraks includes:
  • SafetyTraks Unit
  • GPS
  • Uses ATT digital network
  • Easy to install
  • Secure access through any web enabled PC
  • Email alert messages to phone or PC
  • Transferable amongst vehicles

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