Innovation in Location Technology
“Colin was stopped for a speeding ticket and running a red light a few weeks before the GPS device was installed”

“I set a boundary and a speed alert of 55 mph. I noticed one day that Colin exceeded 70 MPH.  That evening I called him over to the computer and asked him if he thought that this was wise considering the $400 in fines (which he paid) and the danger of driving that fast”

“The highest speed indication I've noticed since that day has been 52 MPH.”

Teen Driver Feedback

“My daughter drove with a friend down to their lake house outside San Antonio.”

“It was the longest trip she has ever made in the car, by far. I was able, over the course of the day, to keep checking in with TeenTracker to watch her progress down I-35”

“It was nice peace-of-mind.”

Teen Driver Parental Feedback

“As a Pediatrician and father of three kids, I believe that this innovative product will save lives and countless sleepless nights.”

Medical Professional Feedback
Tad Yoneyama, MD
– Clinical Staff Member,
Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital

Most will agree that a teen would drive better if the parent could ride with them. While that is not possible, SafetyTraks is.
SafetyTraks includes:
  • SafetyTraks Unit
  • GPS
  • Uses ATT digital network
  • Easy to install
  • Secure access through any web enabled PC
  • Email alert messages to phone or PC
  • Transferable amongst vehicles

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