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SafetyTraks Installation Options

The OBC5100 unit is easy and straightforward to install. Some individuals may elect to install the unit themselves while others may elect to have a local installation facility perform the install.

Individual Installation

The OBC5100 has three wires. One wire is a spare and is not used. Only the Black wire and Red wire are used. The Black is connected directly to a solid vehicle ground. The Red is connected to constant power a wire that is always powered regardless of engine condition.
The install kit contains several pieces to attach to the appropriate wire. Included in the package is a patented connector called a Posi-Tap. This device simply slips over the ground or constant power wire and tightens to the wire. The wire from the unit is attached to the Posi-Tap making a solid connection that will not work loose or short.

The OBC5100 has an integrated cellular and GPS antenna. GPS will operate through plastic, rubber, glass virtually anything except steel. Some will place the antenna on the dashboard. Others will place the antenna under the dashboard between the plastic and steel understructure. The latter makes for a totally stealth installation.

Installation Manual
User's Manual
Professional Installation in Pittsurgh Area

The cables are connected to the unit and it is placed under the dashboard using either industrial Velcro or tie wraps, all of which are included in the install kit.

Once installed there are lights on the unit that will confirm a successful installation.

To move the unit to another vehicle, simply disconnect the power wires, remove the antenna and unit and follow the same installation steps on the new vehicle.


Most will agree that a teen would drive better if the parent could ride with them. While that is not possible, SafetyTraks is.
SafetyTraks includes:
  • SafetyTraks Unit
  • GPS
  • Uses ATT digital network
  • Easy to install
  • Secure access through any web enabled PC
  • Email alert messages to phone or PC
  • Transferable amongst vehicles

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