Family Safety Solutions

SafetyTraks helps parents guide their teenage drivers out of harms way.

Find Me — Locates and brings your young driver’s car location
History — Review actual activity with your young driver
Over-Speed Notification — Help reduce one of the greatest risks to teen driving!
Safe Area — Define safe limits for driving activities
Curfew — Help your child live up to expectations
Recovery — Help recover your vehicle more quickly and with less damage

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Parents access SafetyTraks' features via an Internet web page.

Value begins the day that you install SafetyTraks. Check out these testimonials from satisfied customers and see how piece of mind is available for a very low cost. Purchase a SafetyTraks™ unit online, now.

On-Board Communications has a long history of fleet management for businesses. SafetyTraks is another application of a proven product.
  • Parents receive:
  • Immediate notification of over-speeds
  • Notification if travel outside defined area
  • Stolen vehicle tracking
  • Parental peace of mind

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