Family Safety Solutions
SafetyTraks for Familiesconvenient, affordable safety and security
SafetyTraks benefits reinforce a parent’s role through powerful, flexible, and
affordable vehicle activity reporting.
Parents and Teenagers benefit from SafetyTraks controls
Help young drivers behave responsibly
  • Know the location of family members should they
    need assistance
  • Set travel boundaries that match the level of experience
  • Monitor time at locations and speed of vehicle

Take the anxiety and stress from your “need to know”

Enhance safety and security in emergency situations

Use a powerful, effective theft prevention and recovery system

Check out these testimonials from satisfied customers and see how piece of mind is available for a very low cost. The SafetyTraks™ unit can be easily self-installed or installed by a local installer.

“It’s not ‘big brother’ just a concerned mother and father”


Most will agree that a teen would drive better if the parent could ride with them. While that is not possible, SafetyTraks is.
SafetyTraks includes:
  • SafetyTraks Unit
  • GPS
  • Uses ATT digital network
  • Easy to install
  • Secure access through any web enabled PC
  • Email alert messages to phone or PC
  • Transferable amongst vehicles

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